Armenia’s opposition party leader apologizes for 2013 and again expects people’s support


YEREVAN. – Leader of Armenia’s opposition “Heritage” party Raffi Hovannisian apologizes for 2013 and again expects the people’s support.

Referring to the statement that he sent the people home after the presidential elections in 2013, Hovannisian told Armenian News – “I don’t think anyone sent others home, but violence was prevented. At least I did my best to prevent any Armenian man, youth, citizen or policeman from shedding blood in other’s land. There are people who want to solve issues at the cost of other’s blood, but I’m against it. Hence, there is no issue of sending home.”

Hovannisian also noted that today he expects the support of people in building a “New Armenia.” “We expect people to come out of their fatalism and disillusion. If I made a mistake, I apologize, and we will go together to solve the issue. This supposes an army of people, standing together for a long time. If we struggle for several weeks, we’ll have a new Armenia, we’ll correct our mistakes and will do this without blood, which is very important for me,” he said.