Azerbaijan to use own drones in agriculture


Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec 10.

The ministry of agriculture of Azerbaijan intends to use special unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to help farmers in the irrigation of crops, AZDynamics company told Trend.

AZDynamics is anAzerbaijani company that produced drones of various capabilities for local needs.

The company said drones will be equipped with a special sensor to scan the fields and select the optimum altitude for uniform spraying of water or fertilizers, according to the company.

“Automatic flight mode is provided in the UAV, so there is no need in the remote control,” the company said.

“It’s enough to indicate the trajectory and the coordinates of the area on the map. At present, the possibility of the supply of drones for the ministry of agriculture of Azerbaijan is considered, which will use them for the needs of farmers.”


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