Blizzard, black ice forecast for New Year Day


ASTANA – Blowing snow, fog, black ice and strong winds are expected in Kazakhstan on December 31.

In Akmola, Karaganda, East Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions snow storm, strong wind of 15-20 mps and fog is expected.

Blizzard, strong winds of 15-20 mps with gusts of 25 mps are predicted for Atyrau, Mangystau, Zhambyl Kostanay region.

Foggy weather will rule the day in Kyzylorda region.

Drifting snow and strong wind of 15-20 mps is predicted for South Kazakhstan region.

In Zhalanashkol area of Almaty region wind will strengthen to 18-23 mps.

Blizzard, wind of 15-20 mps is forecast for West Kazakhstan region.

Fog will blanket North-Kazakhstan region.