China lauds improved security situation in Pakistan


M Zamir Asadi

2 December 2015

Islamabad: China highly appreciates the improved security situation in Pakistan, as it helps push forward the country’s economic agenda and to implement economic corridor project.

This was stated by the Chinese envoy to Pakistan Ambassador Sun Weidong while talking with the students of Peshawar University (International Department) who visited the Chinese embassy here on Tuesday.

The ambassador briefed the students about the rapid economic development of China in various sectors and growing bilateral relations between the two countries, particularly in reference to China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). Ambassador’s wife Bao Jiqing and Chinese Cultural Counsellor Zheng Guojin were present on the occasion. A film on China’s social and cultural transformation was also shown on the occasion, besides presentation of martial art by a Chinese artist.

Ambassador Sun noted that Pakistan has made tremendous progress in improving its security situation that is strong source of strength further improving their socio-economic partnership. His country, he said appreciates Pakistan’s aggressive fight against terrorism.  We values the sacrifices rendered by the people and armed forces of the country to this effect.  China, he added is prepared to extend all possible support to its Iron and time-tested brother to curb the terrorism, to which he described as their common enemy.

Ambassador Sun said Pak-China cooperative relationship is getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time, with CPEC as a driving force. “These exemplary relations are based on five principles of peaceful co-existence and popular public support from both the countries.”

About the CPEC, he said its fruits will be shared by the people of both sides, and it will also lead to peace and prosperity of whole of the region and the world as large. The implementation process of this mega project was going on very smoothly and some its hydel projects in KPK have already been completed.

Talking about China’s progress, Ambassador Sun Weidong said China has emerged world second largest economy and has become important engine for global economic development. Referring to their five-year plan (2016-2020), he expressed his confidence that it will improve the living conditions of their people. “We are now enjoying fastest growth, highest in the world in term of GDP and per capital income.” He added.

They, he added now laying maximum focus on quality and efficiency in their production. Innovation is most important area, which is biggest force for ensuring sustainable development.  The five-year plan, he hoped will ensure balanced development of all regions of the country. They are also attaching high importance to widening the scope of their economy and social welfare agenda for the benefit of other counties for equal prosperity, he added.

Ambassador Sun announced that the embassy will donate books to the Peshawar University for establishing China’s corner in their library. Students of this University will also be invited to China.

(Muhammad Zamir Assadi is a journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He holds a degree in Media and Communication studies. He writes opinions on different national and international issues including foreign relations, conflict zones and war on terror.)


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