Muhammad Zamir Assadi

Beijing: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that China supports globalization free trade for the sake of betterment of world economy.

PM Li announced at a press conference after the conclusion of the 5th annual session of the 12th national legislature on Wednesday at great hall of people’s.

International community has benefitted from globalization and free trade although there are some problems of distribution, said PM Li.

Globalization and world peace, development and cooperation are inseparable, Li said, adding that closing the door policies will solve no problems.

He said that China is willing to work with all countries to improve the global governance system. Like many other countries, China has gained a lot from the globalization and we are on the track of opening up which will be continued.

PM also reiterated that the doors of China will remain open for the international community as the openness and inclusiveness is their policy.

PM also mentioned that China will remain important engine for world growth amid sluggish global economic recovery.

Given China’s GDP has exceeded 74 trillion yuan (about 11 trillion U.S. dollars), the 6.5-percent growth this year does not mean the country’s contribution will be coming down, according to Li.

Chinese premier also ruled out the possibility of systemic risks as the country has plenty of policy tools at its disposal.

He also announced that China and the United States are communicating about the first meeting between President Xi Jinping and US president Donald Trump.

Diplomatic officials from both sides are already engaged about the important meeting between two head of states, said Li.

The relationship of both states is crucial not just to the two countries but also to regional and global peace, security, and stability, he said.

Chinese PM described that he is very much optimistic about the relationship of both countries as after the several decades two share a wide range of common interests.

There are still many issues between the two side but these can be resolved with the continuous dialogues, said PM Li at the press meet

For those differences that cannot be resolved for the time being and any time soon, they can be shelved and the two countries can continue to focus on expanding their common interests, he said.

PM Li also told that that China is committed to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula which is possible by deescalating the tensions by all sides.

Tensions in the region may lead to unavoidable conflicts which will bring only harm and nothing else.

China hopes that all the relevant parties will find proper solution of the dominating tensions by having the dialogues.

PM also said that China fully abides by the UN resolution on the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula.

Muhammad Zamir Assadi is a journalist based in China. He writes opinions on different international issues including One Belt One Road, foreign relations, conflict zones and war on terror. He may be contacted at