Muhammad Zamir Assadi

Beijing: The Fifth Session of the 12th National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has gained the attention of international media significantly this year.

Session of NPC started on March 5 while the CPCC was opened on March 3 for which the Chinese and foreign journalists gather here to report on the “two sessions.”

For the coverage of these two political sessions called “lianghui” received over 3,000 journalist applications, including 1,250 from foreign journalists, 200 more than last year, according to the press center.

China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) has also invited journalists from South Asia, South East Asia and African continent on media training program got the opportunity to witness the opening of the political sessions and the work report delivered by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

The 44 journalists from 41 countries on the invitation of CPDA were found excited to gain the opportunity for the coverage of these sessions.

A journalist from Nigeria Bukola stated about her experience for the coverage of political sessions that, it was a great opportunity for her to report about the Chinese political system and working which has delivered to the people in different sectors efficiently.

“She is writing various reports about the Chinese economy, culture, education and other sectors for her Nigerian media outlet”, said Bukola.

Raza Khan, a journalist from Pakistan said that, it was his dream to report about Chinese political system and especially its economy from Beijing which has come true.

Raza appreciated CPDA initiative to invite journalists from different countries for media training program which has also given significant opportunity to stay here in China with the different media professionals.

He also stated that, the working of Chinese political system has proved that the stability leads to progress which is visible here in China.

Raza also mentioned that PM LI talked about One Belt One Road project in the work report, which signifies the importance of this great initiative as it is a new form of globalization and going to connect the different regions.

Journalist from Zimbabwe, Elita Chikwati told that, the political season of China is on peak and it is a great opportunity for her to write about the events of high magnitude.

She also said that the coverage of press briefings at the Beijing press centre was also an opportunity which provided an insight into the different departments and plans for this year.

Many other journalists were of the view that this year has the great importance for the government for the implementation of 13th five-year plan so we are focusing how the Chinese government finalizing its policies.

Parvez Khan, a journalist from Afghanistan expressed that two political sessions which have ended now were China’s most important political events of the year and he has written different news stories for his media organization about working of Chinese political system. Policies and decisions.

He also told the coverage of Chinese ministers press briefings at Beijing press centre was also a very new experience as this centre has facilitated a lot to the Chinese and international media correspondents during the whole sessions.

International media was having a great opportunity to ask the questions from the ministers directly and it was appreciating that they were also receiving the comprehensive answers even about South China Sea, China-US bilateral relations, One China policy, Korean peninsula, One Belt One Road, Globalization, free trade and trade protectionism including many other issues of Chinese society, said Afghan journalist.

Muhammad Zamir Assadi is a journalist based in China. He writes opinions on different international issues including One Belt One Road, foreign relations, conflict zones and war on terror. He may be contacted at