Iran, Azerbaijan joint economic commission meets


TEHRAN, Dec. 22 – Azerbaijan’s minister of economic development has said the commission will address issuance of trader’s visa in border crosses with Iran.

The 10th Iran-Azerbaijan joint economic commission met with Mahmoud Vaezi, Iran’s minister of IT and communications and Mr. Shahim Mustafayev, Azeri minister of economic development in Tehran on Monday attending, the former as head of the joint commission.

The commission will meet Tuesday in different committees such as finance, economy, trade, energy, transportation, and communications. Vaezi told the meeting that both countries would facilitate banking relations; “in line with the directive issued by President Rouhani on extending economic, political, and trade relations with Republic of Azerbaijan, we are willing to hold meetings of the joint economic commissions in short intervals,” he added.

Vaezi also said that the trade balance between two countries was $ 500m; “this figure does not reflect the scope of friendship and cordiality of both nations and cooperation in different sectors should be improved,” he demanded.

“In the past, we had negotiations with Azerbaijan about pharmaceuticals and automaking industry; recently, we succeeded in clinching good agreements in transportation especially in air and rail road, with northern border port of Astara playing a key role in bringing favorable changes into transportation; on electricity, we also have reached satisfactory results especially in setting prices,” Vaezi detailed.

“More than 100 private and public sector individuals are members to the commission which we hope will prepare grounds for visit to Tehran by the republic’s president Ilham Aliyev in the near future,” he added.

Azeri minister for his part said the north-south corridor had been established with Iran and Azerbaijan’s good offices; “this will bring huge improvements to multilateral relations of Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, and north Caucasian republic of Georgia,” Mustafayev told the meeting. “The 46 official visits to both Tehran and Baku have contributed to positive economic action and the number of Iranian citizen’s travelling Azerbaijan has improved 50 per cent; we work to ease visa issuing in border cross points.”


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