Kenya, US sign deal to curb wildlife poaching



The United States and Kenya have signed a new bilateral deal to curb poaching and illegal logging.

Tuesday’s agreement will see the U.S. support the Kenya Wildlife Service by providing technology, capacity building and forensic analysis.

The deal was signed in Nairobi by Kenyan Environment Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu and visiting U.S. Secretary for The Interior Sally Jewell.

On a previous visit to Kenya, U.S. leader Barack Obama had promised his counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta, financial support to protect wildlife in northern Kenya. The U.S. will also train Kenyan wildlife rangers.

Kenyatta today lauded the U.S. for supporting Kenya’s efforts in wildlife conservation. In a statement, the Kenyan leader said his government was “ready to work with everybody because this is not just for us but for future generations globally. We cannot afford to allow our wildlife to be wiped out.”

The visiting U.S. politician promised her country’s support in wildlife conservation adding that the United States has committed $800,000 to protecting wildlife in East Africa.

“Here in Kenya you have some models that are working very well with NGOs and county governments. The solution is not only in fencing but rather working with local communities in wildlife conservation,” Jewell said.


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