NDS seizes 2,000 KGs of explosives in Kabul


The National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency has seized 2,000 kilograms of explosive materials in capital Kabul.

A statement released by the NDS on Wednesday states that the explosive materials discovered in 21st sector of the city were placed in 20 bags of 50 KGs.

The 2,000 KGs of “ammonium nitrate” were sent to Kabul from across the Durand Line by Mawlawi Aziz who is instructor of terrorist attacks for Haqqani network, the statement adds.

The plan was to use the explosives in terrorist attacks in Kabul.

A footage released by the spy agency shows a huge controlled-detonation in a deserted area identifies as Bot Khak where the raid was conducted.

Statements released by NDS usually do not contain exact date of the achievement but they come after recent activities.


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