Russia always ready for discussions but double standards visible of late – Putin


MOSCOW, December 11. /TASS/. Russia is always ready to hold open and fruitful discussions, even though double stands and a clear division into ‘friends’ and ‘foes’ have transpired in international relations of late, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday congratulating the staff of the RT satellite channel on the tenth anniversary since its foundation. “We’re always ready for open and fruitful discussions and the instances (of this readiness – TASS) are found in abundance,” he said. “We’ve seen of late the spread of double standards, as it were, and a clear partitioning into ‘friends’ and ‘foes’. I mean countries and regions of the world. Events and their root-causes are misconstrued and misinterpreted and this becomes absolutely plainly visible.” “Take for instance the obvious hushing up of humanitarian problems in southeastern Ukraine,” Putin said. “We can state with sadness that even international human rights agencies seem to have sewn up their mouths on many absolutely glaring facts.” “It’s true that you broadcast our viewpoints on practically all the problems of Russia’s domestic life and international life, and we never conceal our positions,” he said. “In this sense, I think our the main factor of support for your efforts on our part comes in the form of our absolutely open politics – except very special things, of course.” “We don’t have anything to hide or to conceal because our policies are veritable and we don’t we bear grudges against anyone,” Putin said. “That’s the strongest point of our policies and I think the main source of strength in your work – neither you nor we have anything to conceal.” He pointed out the RT’s contribution to the truthful coverage of the situation in Ukraine and other hotbeds of tensions across the world.