Trump appealing to US disenchanted voters: Analyst


US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is appealing to voters who are “disenchanted” with establishment politicians, says Walt Peretto, an American writer and sociopolitical psychologist.

Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders on Friday accused Trump of creating divisions by scaring the middle class.

“We must bring people together to take on the powerful who’ve hurt the middle class. Trump is trying to play on fears and divide us up,” Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Trump, who has never held elected office, is still leading the Republican presidential primary field, despite the fact that his campaign has been marked by controversial statements, including disparaging remarks about women, Mexican immigrants and Muslims.

Commenting to Press TV on Saturday, Peretto said, “Trump is appealing to voters who are disenchanted with establishment candidates and those who seek something not so familiar. Trump is also appealing to those who believe that illegal immigration is a root cause of our economic problems in the US and those who fear ‘Islamic fundamentalist violence’ because of Western media hype, false flags, and outright ignorance of world sociopolitical systems and their interactions.”

“Trump has also recently been saying on the campaign trail that Muslims were seen celebrating the crimes of 9/11 on the very day of the events. In fact, it was Mossad agents from Israel who were arrested for suspicion by openly celebrating as they were filming the first plane piercing the World Trade Center towers that morning, later admitting that they were there to document the event,” he added.

“The Mossad agents later admitted this on Israeli television. Yet, Trump, the champion of anti-Islamic propaganda and looking for Israeli approval, has decided to be 100 percent disingenuous and claim that Muslims were celebrating on 9/11. But lying is an integral part of Western politics, so it’s unlikely that Trump will pay any price for his buffoonery,” the analyst stated.

Who does Sanders appeal to?

Peretto said “Sanders appeals to a different kind of voter. The Sanders voter is a more socially and economically liberal person, yet someone who, like Trump supporters, are disenchanted with mainstream Democratic Party candidates and mainstream politicians in general.”

“They see in Sanders a populist who is appealing for sane economic policies to be enacted to the disappointment of those on the traditional right who believe that these policies will lead to bigger government and higher taxes,” he continued.

US economic woes due to debt-based system

Peretto said that the reality of US “economic woes lies in the fact that we live in a debt-based system where government must borrow fiat currency from the private Federal Reserve System at interest in order to fund government expenditures, especially the bloated and insane military foreign adventure budget which largely acts on behalf of Israeli foreign policy, while political cycles in America are largely dog and pony shows designed to distract the populace from the realities.”

“Trump and Sanders are different shades politically and both appeal to differing political perspectives but both appeal to those who are fed up with establishment candidates. Neither candidate, however, is addressing the root causes of our problems, instead they are building their voting blocs by appealing to particular political perspectives,” he added.

“Of these two candidates I see Sanders as the more sane of the two. What Sanders has to say actually makes sense on the surface, but he will find it very difficult to reach much of the traditionally right wing vote due to his label as ‘a socialist from Vermont,’” the commentator pointed out.

“Trump is just a lying buffoon who will eventually stick his foot in his mouth and fade out from the race. He is more of a distraction than anything else but then again so is the entire political system in the United States since the last independent-minded president, John F. Kennedy, was murdered on November 22,1963,” Peretto concluded.