US, Nato hint at additional troop deployment in Afghanistan


London, Dec 31: The top army commanders of the United States and Nato may deploy more troops in Afghanistan in order to help local forces in minimising the insurgency in the country caused by Taliban activities.

US General John Campbell said that he would seek Obama administration’s permission to deploy a greater number of troops in Afghanistan as long as possible.

Campbell’s statement came as the security situation in Afghanistan has degenerated in the later 2015, due to inflating insurgent attacks among both Taliban and national forces.

Campbell will urge US President Barack Obama to delay the withdrawal of troops for as long as possible as Taliban recently increased their operations, reported The Guardian.

Earlier, 9,800 US troops were scheduled to be drawn down to 5,500 by January 1, 2017 but now Campbell is adamant on seeking permission from the Obama administration to keep more troops.

Campbell said that he would visit Washington in the near future to brief security heads on his proposals and expects to get them approved.