US recent statements remind of theatre of the absurd — Russia’s Defence Ministry


MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. Russia’s Defence Ministry believes that U.S. officials’ recent statements on Syria are based on double standards, the ministry’s spokesman, Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.

“It appears that recent statements of officials of the Pentagon and Department of State remind of the ‘theatre of the absurd’ based on double standards and quibbling,” Konashenkov told a briefing in Moscow. “They either see it or not. They do divide the opposition – either it is moderate or immoderate. Even terrorists they regard as bad and very bad.”.

Also, Konashenkov noted that Russia had repeatedly warned of a danger to ‘flirt’ with terrorists.

“Moreover, we have pointed out that this short-sighted position might echo with blood in the streets of your and our cities,” the Russian general said. “We are certain that terrorism has neither comparative degrees nor nationalities. Terrorism is an absolute evil which must be fought in any its manifestations.”

“It appears to be the same fundamental truth as the evidence we released at the December 2 briefing – to where the stolen oil was flowing from the areas controlled by international terrorism, who patronises them and where the ISIS (former name of the Islamic State, outlawed in Russia) takes money for deadly terror acts,” he said.


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